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Luxury Car Storage Sydney

Luxury Car Storage Sydney

The Luxury Car Vault Sydney are the leaders in Car Storage Solutions for Sydney

Our automotive management program is a full service, full staff, exclusive concierge to handle all your automotive needs.

 We care for your vehicle by offering a wide range of services. On a regular basis for our storage clients we cover, battery charge, wash and exercise your vehicle in an air quality controlled environment to maintain performance. 

Beyond our standard maintenance , some additional services we offer are: a variety of detailing options such as PPF and Ceramic coatings, local and interstate transport for vehicles to and from any location, registration inspections to arranging full vehicle service bookings. Each vehicle and owner is different and we pride ourselves in catering to each specific need.

What is Luxury Car Management?

The Luxury Car Vault Storage is the premier concierge service for exotic, classic and collector cars. We are located in Sydney but our clientele is from all around Australia. Professional Fully Secure Short and Long Term Secure Car Storage. Luxury Valet Service in Sydney our facility is staffed  24 hours 7 days a week for added security and peace of mind.


Our concierge team will handle all the day to day running and maintenance of your supercar, we have established strong relationships with all the major brands including Ferrari Maserati Sydney and North Shore, BMW, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Mercedes Benz meaning we can arrange to have you vehicle booked in for regular servicing as required.


We also have highly trained in house detailers who will ensure your vehicle is kept in the best possible condition and shining all the time. 
Our team  prides  themselves on attention to detail. Which is why our car wash and detailing department is second to none! Your investment deserves more attention than just a place among the pack, it should shine too! We can take care of all wash buff, polish, wax, vacuum and carry out any day to day care for your vehicle to ensure your vehicle is ready to look it’s best at all times.


Safe Vehicle Transport is one of the key services when considering luxury automotive management with Astra. We specialise in the secure, enclosed transport of high performance vehicles,luxury, Supercar, classic collectables, and track race cars. We can arrange to pick up your car from almost anywhere in Australia and deliver it anywhere you require safely and securely everytime.

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