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Urgent Deliveries

Urgent Deliveries

Instant Secure Delivery Service By Chauffeur

Have an important document or valuable item that need urgent delivery with in Sydney, have your items quickly delivered in hours or less! Astra now offers a directed point to point delivery service that offers complete control over your bookings by being able to track your chauffeur live.

Our direct express delivery service allows you to have your small package picked up at the time you request and delivered directly nonstop to the destination. All bookings are completed by our chauffeurs in our modern luxury fleet.

Having your item delivered by an Astra Chauffeur is the perfect alternative to the everyday courier, our chauffeurs will handle your item with extra care and ensure it is delivered to the correct location every time.

Astra’s urgent delivery service is for small items only, items must fit in the boot of a sedan and be less than 6KG. Passengers are not permitted during a delivery service booking; Full terms & Conditions apply to all bookings.

Astra Chauffeur Drive operates a 24/7 control centre with the ability to dispatch ASAP cars nationwide in all major cities to pickup your urgent delivery and drive it directly to the destination cost effectively.

Call us now on 13 21 21 to book your next urgent delivery or speak to one of our operators via live chat via the button at the bottom of this page to speak to us now.

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Call us right away at (13 21 21) to schedule your next urgent delivery, or use the live chat option at the bottom of this page to start a conversation with one of our operators.