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Types of Sydney Limousine Services We Offer

Limousines exude luxury, professionalism, and designer style. Whether you’re hoping to have a nice ride to and from the Sydney airport, have an important event or occasion, or just want that feeling of confidence that comes from riding in a Sydney limousine, there are many reasons why you should hire a limousine in Sydney for your next outing.


Here at Astra Limousines, we offer professional Sydney limousine services for any event. Our services are designed with your comfort and safety in mind, providing you with luxurious, high-class rides to your Sydney destination.

Our Sydney limousines are fit for any occasion, with a stunning, well-maintained interior and exterior that will always look presentable for you and your entourage. We have over 50 years of experience serving the Sydney area, providing you with the most trustworthy and professional Sydney drivers.

With our strict COVID-19 regulation protocol, each limousine is sanitized prior to each booking, as well as after, to keep you safe.

Our Most Popular Sydney Limousine Services are:

Airport Transfer Sydney

Kick off your travel plans with a first-class Sydney airport limousine. Whether you’re headed to one of Sydney’s popular beach destinations, such as Bondi Beach or Manly Beach, or you have your eyes set to farther away destinations, we offer the most luxurious ground travel in Sydney to set you off on the right foot. Sydney airport transfers are made as stress-free as possible with our meticulous drivers.

Formal Parties

From elaborate birthday parties to exciting school formals, our Sydney limousine services are here to make any event stylish and exciting. Your event will be much more exciting with a professional Sydney limousine service to glam it up.

Corporate Limousine Hire

For a corporate limousine hire, Sydney’s our specialty. We will take you to and from your Sydney corporate event in style. Our limousines are stocked with advanced features to impress your corporate colleagues and business partners and provide them with ultimate comfort.


Limousines are a beautiful way to show one’s condolences to the recently deceased and their mourning loved ones. Choosing to have a Sydney limousine lead in the funeral procession shows respect and honor towards the recently departed.

For those mourning the passing of their family member or friend, sending gifts to help them in their grief is a traditional way of showing you care. Many people in Sydney are taking the gift of giving a step further by providing close family members with an easy way to arrive at and depart from the Sydney funeral services.

We offer Sydney limousine services for funeral processions that cater to the delicacies and discretion of those in mourning. Astra private limousines provide you with the seclusion and relief necessary to make the Sydney funeral ceremony less stressful.

Sydney Weddings

Take your wedding up a notch with our Sydney wedding limousine services. Your wedding party will be sure to feel luxurious and elegant on the big day with a high-quality Sydney limousine service to take them to and from the wedding event. 

We also offer Sydney wedding car packages for those looking for a ride for the whole entourage. Enjoy some snacks and beverages on your way to the wedding with our all-inclusive wedding package.

Why Choose Us?

Our 130+ years in the Sydney chauffer industry have provided countless people in Sydney with luxurious accommodations no matter the occasion. We use the newest, most prestigious limousine models in Sydney available today, with inventory from the best European limousines on the market, such as top auto brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Maserati, to name a few. 

We also have a broad selection of high-quality chauffeured cars. Sydney, Australia is a stunning city, and one way that you can take in all of Sydney’s beauty is by relaxing at the hands of a trusted Sydney driver. All of our Sydney chauffeurs are trained to the highest standards and will take you to your Sydney destination on time, every time. 

For your safety, we have 24/7 customer support services, GPS tracking in all of our Sydney vehicles, and emergency phones, so that you can be as safe as possible during your time with us.

If you’re still not sold, here are 4 reasons why you should hire a limousine Sydney with our local, Sydney limousine service:

It Makes Sydney Airport Transportation Less Stressful

No one likes the stress that comes with planning a trip to Sydney. From packing to itineraries, travel preparation takes a lot of energy, and so does the actual journey. Why add to the stress by dealing with driving, parking, finding a rental car, and arriving on time to the Sydney airport when you can easily ensure smooth sailing with a professional Sydney driver? 

With a professional chauffer in Sydney, you can easily be picked up and dropped off at the Sydney airport, all at your convenience. 

Professional Sydney Drivers are Safer and More Reliable

Hiring a professional Sydney limousine driver to transport you to your Sydney destination is also safer for you and anyone else in your party. 1,195 Australians died in fatal car crashes in just 2019 alone. Of those fatalities, nearly 50% were from single-vehicle accidents.

When you choose to hire a Sydney limousine, you decrease your chances of getting in an accident by putting the wheel into the hands of a professional Sydney driver whose sole goal is to provide you with a safe drive to your destination.

Professional Sydney drivers are experienced in getting you to your Sydney destination on time, guaranteed. Because your drivers know the area like a local Sydney specialist, you don’t have to worry about getting lost or dealing with GPSs on your own.

Plus, if you have family members or friends who are prone to showing up late for events in Sydney, using a Sydney-based limousine service can also ensure that your party arrives on time. Even if they’re late to getting to the limousine, at least you’re waiting in a nice vehicle.

It’s Comfortable and Can Even Be Affordable

The luxury of a Sydney limousine is undeniable, but did you know you can enjoy the plush comfort of a Sydney limousine without spending an arm and a leg? Contrary to popular belief, sharing a ride with a group, as opposed to taking a taxi or renting a car in Sydney, can actually save you money, as you end up splitting the costs between those in the party.

It Captures the Importance of Your Special Event

Hiring a Sydney limousine does wonders for capturing the style and mood of an event. A stretch limousine, for example, has a certain class and excitement that will enhance any Sydney formal or corporal event that is wanting for flare and sophistication. 

Sydney limousines don’t just deliver you and your guests to your Sydney destination in style. They also serve as the perfect backdrop for Sydney photography, providing you and your attendees with professional memorabilia that preserve the excitement of the moment. Weddings, school formals, corporate events, and other celebratory parties benefit from having a limousine prop as the background for stunning Sydney photographs. 

Book Your Sydney Limousine Today

If you’re looking for a luxury Sydney car hire, Astra Limousines has everything you need to get around the city in a limousine fit for royalty. No matter your reasons for needing to hire a limousine in Sydney, quality vehicles and professional chauffeur services are a must for arriving to your Sydney destination on time and feeling safe and comfortable. 

Here at Astra Limousines, we take all of your needs into account to provide you with the most luxurious limousines in Sydney, with the most responsible and professional Sydney chauffeurs. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries about our services in the Sydney area.